Hótel Rauðaskriða hires professional employees or other qualified employees
to work at the hotel. Matters for consideration for recruiting are e.g. education,
previous experience in similar work and languages spoken. 

Hótel Rauðaskriða fulfills all legislations to follow up with this employee policy.

Hótel Rauðaskriða introduces, at early stages of recruitment, employees rights and obligations.

Hótel Rauðaskriða supplies its employees accommodation, food and clothes as needed
for the work during working hours. 

Hótel Rauðaskriða does its best to get discounts and free tickets with other
tourism companies in the area for the employees.

In the beginning of the recruitment a defined process is initiated that aims
for the employee candidate and the company to benefit and achieve their goals.

Improper behavior is dealt with as soon as possible as needed. E.g. regarding sexual harassment,
bullying, racism etc. and the issue(s) solved. If that can not be done then by resignation. 

Staff meetings, where important issues concerning the hotel business and
employee matters are discussed, are held by regular intervals