Hótel Rauðaskriða

  • emphasizes on first class quality with regards to work with food raw materials, equipment,
    training and guests service (facilities, experience) and other customers (travel agencies, suppliers etc.).
  • fulfills all requirements according to legislations to succeed its quality goals and is
    in active communication with the suppliers to support the objective. 
  • implements the Quality Policy by Quality Handbook and issue of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP´s)
    and Confirmation Sheets for procedures and equipment in critical/important processes of the business.
  • considers all tips/hints, surveys and complaints to improve quality. 
  • makes effort to access all latest information and development considering quality in this field of business.
  • emphasizes on good reputation and goodwill in its business sector both for close surroundings and other.

This Quality Policy is supported by Service Policy and Employee Policy.