Hótel Rauðaskriða

  • is a tourism company which offers accommodation, meals and recreation for tourists in North East Iceland.
  • fulfills all conditions according to legislations in appropriate business and holds all necessary permits. 
  • has high ambition for quality and gives first class service to its customers as well as to make their experience at the best level.
  • seeks to use only high quality raw materials from its local surroundinga as possible.
  • is a family run business with personal service.
  • is active with regards to nature and environmental protection and reservation. 
  • aims to be environmental certified at all times.
  • aims to be competitive in its business.
  • aims to increase room utilization and to expand the tourist season in the area.

At Hótel Rauðaskriða we work in accordance with “The Code of Ethics” by Vakinn.
Other policies for Hótel Rauðaskriða consider quality, environment, service, employees and safety.