Hótel Rauðaskriða is one of few hotels in Iceland that has been recognized as environmental friendly
by the Nordic Swan Association. When we first got this recognition we were the only hotel in Iceland
that had it. The criteria used by the Nordic Swan is very high and covers all sorts of categories.

For instance we sort all waste and have in total 14 different categories for waste disposals. By the hot tubs
are three bins for guests use. If you have something not belonging there please contact some of our staff.

We also use sustainable resources. Like for heating we use the hot spring water and  all electricity is coming
from hydropower stations so there is no external pollution like from oil or coals or environmental risk, like for nuclear plants.

Another criteria for the Nordic Swan recognition is to by all raw material locally and support sustainable farming etc.
Therefor it is our aim to do so. Our entire cleaning agent is also certified as environmental friendly and we don´t use
materials like  chlorine for disinfectant or freon for cooling equipment.

Every year we fill out a control report to the Nordic Swan Association that covers f.i. power use, water use,
waste quantity etc. and we have to meet the criteria to get our recognition prolonged.